Your 3 Step Guide to Throwing a Potato Party

Your 3 Step Guide to Throwing a Potato Party

Potato Parties Through the Ages

 Spending all that time on Mars gave Mark Watney a lot of time to think. As nostalgia kicked in, we bet he wished he could press rewind. Here at Albert Bartlett, we know that there’s more to life than potatoes — believe it or not. Listen up Watney! Next time you’re stuck on Mars with an abundance of potato, we want less focus on the food and more focus on the fun.


Presenting potato parties through the ages! You’ll never think of a potato in the same way again.


1.         Release your Inner Child

Remember all those birthday parties that you used to attend before you hit double figures? A potato excess is all the justification you need to recreate those through the art of children’s party games! The best thing about this is that replacing the party ‘instrument’ with a potato works in almost all party games.

·         Apple Bobbing is now Potato Bobbing.

·         Pin the tail on the donkey is now Pin the Shoot on the Potato

·         Pass the parcel  Potato

·         The ever popular eating food on a string without using your hands. What better food than a roast, boiled or baked potato.

You are welcome.


2.         Rooster Rave for the Adolescent

Did you know that all you need for the best space rave is a red rooster potato? Aside from being able to make vodka from this versatile product, you can also make amazing glow in the dark magic mud – the perfect accompaniment to any potato rave. Check out our how-tos below then lace up your dancing shoes and slip into your space suit. This party is going to be out of this world.


·         Glow in the Dark Potato Décor – to get you in the party mood.


To create your own rave paint from potatoes, start by chopping potatoes into tiny pieces. Put into a bowl with enough water to cover them and leave for a while. Then separate the potato pieces and the water and leave to sit until a white layer is formed at the bottom of the potato water. Drain the water and leave the white residue to dry. After a few days it will turn into a powder. Mix with tonic water and voilá! You have made flouro goo! Perfect for a rooster rave. If you don’t believe us, watch this video.


3.         Impress the Best

We bet Watney isn’t the only one with some friends he loves to hate but just can’t shake. Nothing he does is ever good enough (you know, they managed to stay alive on Pluto for 6 years, surviving on nothing but tender stem broccoli). Not even a Michelin starred seven-course meal cooked by our own Michel Roux Jnr would excite them, so it’s time to pull out all the stops with a classical music recital. Remember Ron Burgundy’s jazz flute solo in Anchorman?


Imagine that but with a potato. Check out this video on how to create your own nose flute, it’ll sure impress them, we promise.


Even if your party quota for the year has been filled, we hope you take inspiration from the many façades a potato can have. Remember, it’s not just food, it’s also fun.