About Us

About Us


We're a family of farmers

At Albert Bartlett, we won’t accept anything less than wholesome, fresh and delicious potatoes. From nurturing potatoes on farms to harvesting, storing and packing them; each and every stage of the potatoes’ journey is as important as the next.

Farming has been in our blood for over 60 years and we’ve worked with some farming families for over three generations.

Here’s some facts about the Albert Bartlett family:

  • We supply over 20% of the UK's fresh potatoes
  • Our farmers are committed to growing the best potatoes
  • We source the best and tastiest potatoes from over 100 farms in the UK and Jersey
  • We have a growing business in North America, based at our office in Colorado.

Our extended family

To ensure your potatoes reach you as fresh as the day they were harvested, we rely on our dedicated teams covering agronomy, quality assurance, production and delivery. We have five state-of-the-art production sites across the UK which are based in Airdrie, Westwick in Norflok, Boston in Lincolnshire, Cornwall and Jersey. Here, we continue our commitment to bringing you the best potatoes and take great care when packing.

Our Production Sites

Airdrie, Scotland

Albert Bartlett & Sons LtdWe’re proud of our Airdrie head office and main production site which was opened in 2002. It is the most modern and environmentally-friendly facility of its type in the world. We have high tech systems that ensure we keep waste, water and energy use down to a minimum. Our hydro coolers remove field heat and extend the shelf life of our new potatoes. We have 26 lines of machinery that pack our potatoes 364 days of the year so you can find the best potatoes possible all year round.

Boston, LincolnshireDSC_0043

Our second production site in the UK is based at Boston in Lincolnshire and packs many of our exclusive varieties including AnyaElfe and Marabel. The team at Boston have the same dedication and passion to deliver the best tasting potatoes grown in the most natural way possible. To see our people who bring you our best tasting potatoes please click here.


Jersey PackhouseOur business in Jersey was established early in 2007 and was born from the desire to dramatically improve the way one of the leading premium potato brands was handled and presented to the customer. The construction process began in April 2008 and the factory was ready for operation for the start of the 2009 season.  The state of the art facility can wash, hydro-cool and pack the highly prized Jersey Royals within hours of it being harvested.  This means they arrive in store almost two days fresher than previously possible. We are building on the progress we have made in the last 4 years and continue to invest in quality and supply chain initiatives. This has dramatically improved the most famous of potato varieties when presented to the customer.