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Caithness Potatoes

Caithness Potatoes is a seed potato business and is owned and run by families who have grown and sold potatoes for many generations.



Irish Potato Marketing

IPM is an international leader in potato variety innovation, and in the production, marketing and distribution of seed potatoes.


Wilson’s Country

They are the leading potato brand in Ireland. Their commitment to innovation and marketing has positioned the business as one of the industry leaders.



One of the world leaders in the marketing of seed potatoes.


WCF Horticulture

WCF Horticulture specialises in providing Scottish seed potatoes to the horticultural retail market.



One of the leading plant breeding companies and their assortment includes more than 90 registered potato varieties.


Cygnet Potato Breeders

Cygnet PB is Britain’s biggest potato breeder and one of the largest seed potato growers in the country.

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Scotty Brand

Scotty Brand is Scottish produce at its best — a celebration of the best in-season food.

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London Scottish FC

Is a rugby union team that currently plays in the RFU Championship, which is the 2nd tier of English Rugby.

Determined to Succeed

Determined to Succeed

Aims to help Scotland’s young people develop self-confidence, self-reliance and ambition to achieve their goals.