We are delighted to add another arm to the Albert Bartlett family. We have merged with Jersey grower and supplier business Amal-Grow. This is a positive move for both and will ensure stability for local consumers who wish to continue purchasing local produce.

Amal-Grow has been supplying local supermarkets, wholesalers and other retail outlets on Jersey since 1976. In the last decade their focus has been on becoming a specialist producer of a wide range of outdoor vegetables grown in Jersey. Their main aims were to de-intensify production by using wider crop rotations which will maintain Jersey’s rich environment, something that Albert Bartlett will continue to do.

Packs 2Amal-Grow Farmer

Adrian Baudains is proud to be able to say he is the 5th generation dating back to the 1840′s of his family to farm in Jersey. Since finishing school he has worked with Amal- Grow for 18 years. Working his way up through the ranks to his current position as Farm Manager, Adrian is responsible for all the planting & harvesting operation for Amal – Grow.

As well as being Assured Produce Approved, they are passionately committed to the environment and involved with the Countryside Renewal Scheme. The work they have undertaken through the Scheme over the years includes planting hedgerows, restoring banks and creating cultivated habitat strips. They are always keen to support other conservation projects.

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