Green Business of the Year 2015

Green Business of the Year 2015

Albert Bartlett has won Green Business of The Year at the Scottish Business Awards, which were attended by George Clooney, Sir Chris Hoy and Rob Brydon and were held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Guests were part of the largest dinner in Scottish history with attendance reaching over 2100 people, raising around £500,000 for charity. 

This award recognises the businesses which have shown outstanding leadership in achieving environmental goals alongside its business objectives. 

Albert Bartlett has taken many steps to improve or reduce its impact on the environment and often achieves cost reduction in the process. At the Airdrie headquarters key staff had a major input in the design of a water management system where-by rain water was collected from the roof and used in the manufacturing process. The water can be re-cycled a number of times via an on-site waste treatment plant. The site is now 99% self sufficient in water and no mains water is used in the washing and packing  process. 

Another key environmental factor is a tailored system of cooling and warming various areas of the building by importation of cool air to previously electrically refrigerated areas, thereby reducing the electricity consumption. Scales have been introduced for measuring waste from all areas of the business, resulting in a 65% reduction in plastic waste.  A partnership with film suppliers has established a reusable film reel cores which led to a dramatic reduction in the amount of cardboard waste generated and will assist in the goald of zero waster to landfill by 2020.

Furthermore, a cycle path surrounds the perimeter of the site and Albert Bartlett has planted 12,000 trees in partnership with The Scottish Wildlife Trust. The site attracts species as diverse as water voles, pied wagtails, roe deer and oyster catchers